8 Business Ideas That Don’t Require Employees in the Philippines

A lot of budding entrepreneurs today are passionate to build and run a business. Aside from the passion and craft to sell a product or a service, owning a business means being your own boss and most of the decisions would solely come from you. At present, setting up a small business is actually very easy, thanks to the wonders of technology.

But what if you don’t have the budget yet to hire employees and want to go the solo route? Can you thrive doing it? The short answer to this question is yes. If you have the skills and the determination to do so, you are qualified to be a solopreneur and run your business without having to need employees!

In the Philippines, now is the perfect time to start your own business as many people are becoming more and more open to the idea of having a flexible work schedule. It is also easier now to register your business and build your portfolio online. 

Struggling to find ideas on what to start? Here are 8 business ideas that don’t require employees in the Philippines. Read on.

1. Freelancer

As a freelancer, you can offer your service to different clients at the same time. Here, your starting capital is your most bankable skill. Some of the most in-demand skills today are graphic design, video editing, content writing, and web design and development. This may just be a side hustle in the beginning when you have a regular job, but if you managed to build your own network of clients, you can turn it into a full-blown business.

Most freelancers charge per project or on an hourly basis depending on the contract. One of the best things about being a freelancer is being able to work wherever you want and having a flexible schedule.

2. Virtual Assistant 

This is probably one of the most popular options for those who want to start working from home. Being a virtual assistant means helping other professionals, business owners, sellers, and even influencers on their day-to-day tasks. This includes administrative support, email management, customer support, data entry, and research. 

Virtual assistants may charge per hour or it may depend upon the contact with the client. There are many online platforms where you can apply as a virtual assistant. In fact, the job is one of the most in-demand freelance jobs today. 

3. Online Seller

Most online sellers start with a passion to sell products they love or support. Some sell items that they even design and produce on their own. If you are interested to put your product out in the market, there are many good online selling platforms in the Philippines that can help. These go-to platforms sometimes offer free delivery services and discount vouchers that can help you with your small business. 

Online selling can turn from being a side gig to a full-blown business once you see the many opportunities it provides. 

4. Life Coach 

If you have the passion to help others, being a personal coach or a life coach might be a good business opportunity for you. Being a life coach means offering consultation services to people about personal and professional matters. You can set up regular meetings in person or online and guide your clients in making important life decisions. 

In the Philippines, you don’t need to get a license to be a professional life coach but you may get various certifications (even online) to help you with your credentials. Personal coaches usually charge per session.

5. Business Consultant

 If you are passionate about business and you have the skills to mentor budding entrepreneurs, then running a business consultancy business might sound like a very good opportunity. This business is easy to maintain, you just need to have the skills, experience, and industry knowledge. 

Business coaches don’t need to get certified but most of them have degrees in various business fields such as sales, marketing, management, and finance. As a business coach, you can mentor business owners by giving them sound advice and strategies on their business investments. 

6. Delivery Service 

Putting up a delivery service business is easy, especially now that most people rely on it heavily. You just need to have a vehicle service to transport products and a phone with a strong connection.

You may start by marketing your business on Facebook or Instagram, two of the most popular marketing platforms in the Philippines. You may also start to secure the necessary permits needed to operate your business. You can make special deliveries for customers or partner with online sellers. 

7. Vlogger

If you have the skills to curate informative and interesting content, you may start sharing them on platforms like Youtube, and turn it Into a potential business opportunity.

Vlogging is becoming more and more popular in the Philippines where people love to share and watch videos that caught their attention. You can share personal content, feature brand or product reviews, and promote products through affiliate marketing. It might take time to grow your channel and start earning but once you establish your audience, things can go smoothly from there. Vloggers with millions of followers on Youtube earn millions of pesos too. 

8. Stylist 

Being a stylist means having a knack for style and for helping others, particularly those in the entertainment and media industry, to improve their image. Most stylists start by building a personal network in the industry. If you have a few connections, to begin with, it is important to market yourself and work on your portfolio. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing in this industry. 

There is no license needed for being a stylist in the Philippines. You may charge per contract, per project, or per hour, depending on your experience.

Parting Words

Being a solopreneur comes with a lot of benefits but it takes a lot of hard work too. You have to handle everything on your own. But with the right strategy, tools, and luck, you can actually succeed and stay long in the business, even without hiring employees. 

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