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About Negosyo Pilipino

Negosyo Pilipino was created to help business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs make smart business decisions. We provide simple business tips, relatable stories, and easy to understand business solutions for everyone, including small and local business owners, who feel that they are not capable enough to succeed in their business. If you are a sari-sari store owner, a fresh graduate who wants to try franchising, or a retired professional who wants to start a business, this platform is for you. Negosyo Pilipino is made for every Negosyanteng Pilipino

Hi! My name is Viktor Mikhail Abalde and I am the man behind Negosyo Pilipino. I am happily married and blessed with one adorable son. I have a regular job and is still working from 8 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon in a government institution. But, it has also been my lifelong dream to start a business and excel from it. When I had my son, this desire became stronger even more.This was my dilemma: I’m afraid to start my own business because of the demand of my day job but I also want to have an extra source of income to support my family. When I think about it now, my uncertainties before are very common to most Filipinos who are contemplating about opening up a business. A new business means a new opportunity to earn more but not everyone is prepared to take a leap because it could also mean sacrificing a job that provides a more steady source of funds. The entrepreneur inside me, however, took that leap and moved forward. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Starting a business was a struggle at first because here in the Philippines, a budding business owner must adhere to all the laws and submit all the requirements needed to start a business. This includes registering the business at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), submit tax registration at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), and applying for other local government permits. My desire to be my own boss kept me going and I succeeded in doing all those initial steps. 

Things were never easy. There were still a lot of challenges that made the first few months of me running a business, difficult. My business involves selling and I thought that a more steady flow of income will follow if the sales are good but I was wrong. I also found it hard to adjust because I am working as an employee. I felt that I was not doing enough and I lack focus. I felt that I still need to do more. This prompt me to work and improve my business skills. How did I move forward? I started to read business books, search for business success stories, and study business strategies. I decided to work on myself and continue learning. One of the most important things I learned in the process is that it is also possible to keep your 8 to 5 job while doing your side hustle.

Through reading, I’ve also learned that you have you set and condition your mind first before anything else. Do you want to start a business? You must have the passion to do it and no amount of struggle can stop you from it. You must work smart, not hard. This is one of the reasons why I really promote reading books.At present, I am lucky enough to keep my day job while running my own retail business. I want to be able to help others succeed too without having to sacrifice their job because that is important too and it is doable. Negosyo Pilipino is my way to do that. 

Behind Negosyo Pilipino is a team of experts that work to compile stories, strategies, and insightful guidelines that work in pursuing a business. All content in this platform has been written, checked, and assessed by business professionals. 


Negosyo Pilipino 

The Idea

Negosyo Pilipino started with one simple goal, we want to make every aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs to be empowered, successful and inspired. Not just creating a NEGOSYO but also creating a Stronger Mind and a Healthy Body  (because come to think of it, it is the only vehicle you got!) by reading books or by listening to authors who has more experience in having an entrepreneurial mindset.

Mission Statement

To be a platform where business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can get ideas, inspiration, and solution to succeed in pursuing their ideal NEGOSYO, no matter how big or small.

Content Creators/Webmaster

Viktor Mikhail F. Abalde, Webmaster/Content Creator/Editor

Viktor Mikhail Abalde is the content creator and webmaster behind Negosyo Pilipino. He is currently working as a government employee in the province of Northern Cotabato in the Philippines and he also runs his own retail store. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan. Viktor worked to pursue his dream of having his own business. This steamed from his desire to have another source of income to help his family. He is also very passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs pursue their own business endeavors. He wants Negosyo Pilipino to be a platform where business enthusiasts can connect, empower, and inspire each other. 

Cherry Panaga, Staff Writer

Cherry Panaga is a Manila based Content Writer for NegosyoPilipino. She has a B.A in Mass Communication from St. Paul University and has previously worked as an SEO Content writer, Social Media Content Manager, Copywriter, Administrative Assistant, and Sales Executive. Cherry began Freelance writing in 2015 and joined the NegosyoPilipino team in 2020.

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