E-book vs Book: Which is Better?

Physical Books – Advantages

Have Better Retention

Minimize Eye Strain

Immersive and engaging

Physical Books – Disadvantages


Taking too much space

Electronic Books (E-books) – Advantages

Much more Portable


Does not take physical space

Electronic Books (E-books) – Disadvantages

Highly Dependent on Battery

Readability depends on the size of the smartphone

Round 1 – Which is easy to read?

Although printed books can easily be pick up in the shelf and just read it on the go and with no concern about battery issue and majority of teenagers and young adult prefer physical book than ebook but in the first round we can say that e-book is far more better just because you can easily swipe in every page; you can easily browse up good books to read without the hassle of scanning every shelves,  and  another thing is you don’t need another lamp if you ever reading it before bedtime. Printed books every time you pick it up there is a tendency that you can crumple or tear the pages up which lead to the difficulty of reading, while an ebook does not.

Winner: Ebook

Round 2 – Retention of Information

When it comes to retaining information, there are mixed answers and it is difficult to generalize whether physical books readers can retain more information than ebook readers since all of us have different learning curves. Another thing is books and ebooks vary from study to study since the types of e-books being used on the survey, some researchers gave tablets devices while other times they read e-books in a computer with a plain text or gave dedicated for e reading, some uses interactive apps, While physical books uses different methods for readers like adding profound colors or just a good cover pages to have a better feel on reading. Well you can say that in this round both books and ebooks are on par but we will give the physical books this round simply because in smartphone devices you can easily be distracted by other applications like social media and smartphone games.

Winner: Physical Books

Round 3 – Which is more cost-effective?

We can say that e-book is much cheaper than regular books and electronic copies are great for new releases but physical books can also be cheap since there are many bookstores now in bargain sales. All in all, when we add cost saving and with space saving, and the fact that there are free ebooks on the internet which is why the clear  winner in this round is ebook.

Winner: Ebooks

Round 4 – Characteristics of an Ebook vs Physical Book

Physical books, we can’t deny the satisfaction in reading the real one, the smell, the sound of the paper when we flip to the next page, the feel of the paper just adds up to the whole experience in reading. Physical books relieve you from digital stress which we can’t deny that every corner of this generation runs digitally.

Electronice Books (Ebook), the variety and the portability of an ebook can be fit within your pocket. What I like about ebook is that if I come across an unknown word I can easily search it out. Words can also be easily highlighted and the lighting can be easily adjusted. Not to mention that ebook can also be turn into an audible book which is good if you are multi-tasking.

In terms of functionality and features this round belongs to E-book.

Winner: E-book

Bonus Round (worth 2 rounds): Personal Preference

After 4 rounds we come to a conclusion that ebooks are better than physical books when it comes to features, portability and accessibility but we can’t deny the fact that 72% of millennials and majority of Gen Z pretty much still prefer physical books than ebooks. It still boils down to your personal preference. Whether you want the more traditional method of reading or embrace the digitized books, it is up to you to judge.


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