A Quick Guide On How To Use An Amazon Kindle

If you love reading, Amazon’s Kindle might be the ideal device for you. This is especially true if you’ve grown tired of lugging around old-fashioned heavy books. Lighter and smaller than one copy of War and Peace, you can hold more than 20,000 titles on a single Kindle device.

Amazon has sold a staggering number of Kindles since the product first launched in 2007. The high end of estimates suggest that people could have purchased upwards of 90 million Kindles since the product hit the market.

As digital reading has replaced the old paper-and-ink model, this popular product has been at the forefront of the revolution. That level of popularity means that Kindles must be easy to use, right?

Well, like any device, Kindles seem simple once you’ve gotten to know them. You’ll feel like an expert with very little practice. But the initial process can take some time. Mastering your Kindle comes with a learning curve. This can be intimidating to many new users.

But don’t fear: we have all the information you need. Using our vast personal experience, along with help from Amazon’s user guides, we’ve compiled the information you need to become a Kindle pro.

Here, we’ll walk you through the process of operating your Kindle. To do this, we’ll travel step-by-step from the time you purchase the device to the moment when you’re snuggled in bed, ready to enjoy a good book. You’ll learn the following steps:

  • Setting Up Your Kindle
  • The Basics of Kindle Navigation
  • How to Get Books on Your Kindle

 Ready to get started? A new age of reading is on the horizon.

Setting Up Your New Kindle

When you first receive your Kindle, it will take a few steps before you can start using it. Here’s what you need to know when you first remove the device from the box:

Charge It

When you first receive your Kindle, you won’t be able to turn it on immediately. It needs a charge first. Simply use the plug included with the device to connect it to a power source.

Turn Power On

The power button is located on the lower part of the Kindle. You’ll find it next to the USB port and the earphone jack. Press this to turn it on.

Beyond just turning your device on and off, the power button also represents an important troubleshooting fallback. It provides your main way to reset the device. Hold it down for 40 seconds to restart your Kindle. This should be your first action any time you run into a glitch.

Connect to WiFi

Now that the Kindle is powered up and running, you need to connect it to the internet so you can begin downloading your books. To do this, bring up the Quick Settings screen. (You can find it by swiping down from the top-end of the screen.)

Make sure the Airplane Mode is off before you continue. From there, turn the WiFi on. It will bring up a list of nearby networks. Choose yours and follow the prompts to enter the password.

The Basics of Kindle Navigation

You’ve got your Kindle powered up and connected. It’s time to start downloading books and launching the digital phase of your literary adventures. Here are the fundamentals you need to get started: 

Home Screen

As the name implies, this will be your Kindle’s home base. If you ever get confused or lost, simply return to the Home Screen to get oriented. You can access this by clicking the Home Icon. You can find it at the top-end of your screen – it’s the icon that looks like a little house.


The Home Screen will let you take care of all the fun stuff the Kindle will let you do. The Settings menu lets you manage the behind-the-scenes details. Come here to change WiFi networks, adjust your account, alter the screen brightness, or take care of other details related to your Kindle.

To access this screen, simply tap the menu icon (the three parallel horizontal bars). From there, you can find the “Settings” option. Click that to bring up a more detailed menu of options.

My Library

This is the heart of your Kindle. It will list the books you have available and allow you to choose one to read. You can access your library through the Home Screen. You’ll find selections there like Books, Audiobook, or Newsstand. Choose the screen you want and begin browsing.

How to Get Books on Your Kindle

Your Kindle doesn’t do you much good if you don’t have any books on it. Here’s how you can download your favorites:

Shopping Cart Icon

Time for everyone’s favorite online activity: shopping. Simply tap the icon that looks like a shopping cart. From there, you can browse titles by genre or author, or seek out specific books.

Try a Sample

 In a bookstore, you have the option to flip through a book before you make a purchase. Kindle offers a similar function. You can download a sample for free. Simply click this option to get access to a small portion of the book.


Once you decide to purchase something, you can do it with an easy click. Each book will have a “Buy for $X.XX” option. Simply click this. As long as your Amazon account is set up, including your credit card info, the process only takes a moment. Then you can download your book. 

Add to List

You might find something intriguing that you want to save for later. Instead of purchasing it now, you can add it to your list. Think of this like a Netflix queue. Compile some titles that seem interesting, and then you can review the list later for the ones you want to sample or buy.

Final Thoughts on Using a Kindle

Any new technology comes with an intimidation factor. But just because you love history and classic literature, that doesn’t mean you should stay stuck in the past. With the right training, you can take your reading into the 21st century.

In this way, the Kindle represents an excellent addition to any book-lover’s life. It’s like carrying a library with you wherever you go. By following the simple steps we’ve outlined here, you can get started on your digital reading adventure.

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