Tips in Landing a Job Abroad for First Time OFWs

Working abroad has been one of the greatest dreams of many Filipinos. Not only does it promise a greener pasture, but it is also an opportunity for many to be recognized outside of the Philippines in their chosen field.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Pinoys try their luck and apply online or through a manpower agency for a job abroad. With perseverance (and sometimes with the help from relatives and friends who are already working abroad), many managed to successfully land a good job. But the process is never the same for everybody. Some might have it easy but others find it stressful and tiring. 

If you are a first-time applicant and don’t have an idea yet on how to start, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the many recruitment option available for you. Many recruitment agencies in the country take advantage of first-timers so you must be able to weigh the options carefully and do your research.

How then can you start as a first-time applicant who wish to work abroad? Read on to know some of the basic tips in landing a job abroad for first time OFWs.

Things you need to know when applying as an OFW

 You often hear of success stories from kababayans working abroad who are now able to help their family in the Philippines. If you are inspired by their stories and want to try your luck as well, you may use the tips below to start your journey.

1. Looks for a reputable recruitment agency 

One of the biggest exports of the country is the people. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, in 2020, the total number of OFWs was estimated to be at 2.2 million. 96.8% of the total OFWs are contract workers while the remaining 3.2% are working without contract. This is based from a survey conducted in 2019. 

Most of the time, those without a proper contract are working a job they don’t want, earning a salary they don’t deserve, and are often being abused by their employer. You don’t want this to happen to you. To have a legal contract, you must only look and transact with a reputable and licensed recruitment agency. Remember to always check for the POEA license number of the agency you are dealing with. Be wary also of red flags like high placement fee and unusual requests. It is also good to do all the transactions inside the agency’s office even if you just came across the agency online. You must go to their office for a proper interview and orientation.

2. Search only jobs that are approved by the POEA 

Every job order abroad is approved by the POEA. The agency is the one responsible for securing jobs that are legal in our countries. You may easily browse the POEA website for available job listings and the country where it is needed. 

If you happen to see a job placement online, it would be very helpful to double check it directly on the POEA website. You may also check the name and the license number of the agency in there to give you further assurance that you are on the right track. 

3. Make sure all your documents are legal

Secure and process documents in a right and legal way, even if it takes time. If you want to get a decent job, you must also be honest with all the documents you will present to your possible employer. 

4. Don’t be fooled by fixers

You won’t need fixers when you are under a licensed recruitment agency. While they promise to fix some documents and get the job done faster, they are still dubbed as illegal and would only ask you for more fees. Take time to wait, go through the right process, and pray that everything will run smoothly. 

A Manpower Agency You Can Trust

Applying for a job abroad is not as difficult as it seems to be. The process of recruitment is similar if you looking for a job locally. But while the process is the same, since you are going to travel to a different country, you need to secure many documents and undergo additional procedures to make sure that you are fit for the job. Finding a trusted and reliable agency to partner with on your journey is a good start. 

One of the most reputable manpower agencies in the country today is First-Select International Manpower Services, Inc. The company has been in the recruitment business for quite some time. It has managed to provide jobs for many Filipinos abroad legally and is working with POEA to make sure that all jobs under them are legal. The agency provide provides non-skilled, semi-skilled, skilled, and highly skilled candidates to employers across all job sectors.

The agency is also known for giving a hassle-free process of recruitment. All interviews are conducted by skilled HR professionals have been able to ensure reasonable casting for both the employer and the candidate. For first-time applicants who don’t have any experience working abroad, they have a wide selection of entry-level positions you can browse. The agency also boast of being chosen by by some of the most reputed sectors across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for fulfilling the requirement of a perfect candidate.

Getting Ready For The Journey

If you are a first-time applicant, First-Select International Manpower Services, Inc. can guide you in the process of securing your very first job abroad. 

See Link for Legitimacy:

At present, the agency is urgently looking for domestic helpers bound to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman. You must be 23 years old and above to apply for the position. You must also have a valid passport and must be willing to start with a 2-year contract. 

First-Select International Manpower Services, Inc won’t ask for placement fee, hidden charges, and salary deduction. They offer fast employment with free food and accommodation, trainings, medical, processing, visa stamping, POEA processing, passport assistance, and even airfare tickets depending on what the contract states. 

First-Select International Manpower Services, Inc. is licensed by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, License # POEA-028-LB-080312-PL. 

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